Camera Systems and Video Surveillance


Expert Security Services offers top quality Camera Systems with installation and at an affordable price.  All work is guaranteed

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Types of Cameras we offer:

• IP and HD Analog

• Zoom
• Indoor & Outdoor
• Weatherproof
• Extended Range
• Hidden/Covert, Dome, Bullet
• High Resolution DVR's and NVR's
• Mega Pixel and IP Cameras

Part-time and full-time residents in SW Florida love to be able to view their homes while away.  They can view the cameras 24/7 on their cell phone and/or from their computer.  Cameras provide a recording of all the day's activities, any crimes committed, and acts as a deterrent for most people since they realize their actions will be documented for viewing. 

Surveillance Benefits:

All types of homes and businesses can benefit from a surveillance system, for example:

  • Restaurants, Bars, & Nightclubs
  • Gas Stations & Convenience Stores
  • Retail Stores & Shopping Centers
  • Parking Facilities
  • Storage Unit Bays
  • Auto Dealerships & Repair Shops
  • Office Buildings & Banks
  • Day Care Centers & Schools
  • Single Family Homes
  • Apartments
  • HOA Subdivisions

When you run a business you can't always be there to watch over it, but you can watch over from your computer. With Remote Internet Viewing you can access your business' cameras from any computer with internet access and view your business in real time. This is a great tool to ensure your employees are working when you are not there and to ensure your business is running the way you want it to.

When it comes to your home you can't always see everything that goes on, especially when you are at work or out of town. You can equip your home with cameras to make your home more secure with:

  • Outdoor Cameras: Recording anyone who approaches you home- we have motion sensored cameras that will only record when someone approaches your home, this way you have any possible intruders on video approaching your home.
  • Internal Cameras: Keep an eye on your baby-sitter or housekeeper or even your children. This way when you can be there you can record everything that occurs and make sure your household is safe and your children are abiding by your rules.
  • Remote Viewing 24/7:  View your home's cameras from any internet-ready computer or smartphone. See exactly what is going on inside or outside your home in real time, this is an excellent tool to check-in on new housekeepers or nanny's to make sure they are treating your home and your children properly. Many people use this to view their 2nd homes also.

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