Alarm Systems


 If you are in the market for an alarm system, or looking for a new provider for your home or business alarm, you have found the best local company in SWFL!

 Expert Security Services offers all of the latest Honeywell Alarm Systems, hardwired and wireless with installation, in Fort Myers and Naples areas.

 *We ask that you please contact us to go over pricing.  There are many different scenarios and equipment options available, so please call us at 239-437-3980 or contact us below, and we can help design your system accordingly. 

Most alarms consist of:

Digital Keypad - A brilliant keypad to be installed on a convenient wall in your home and is used to turn your alarm off/on and also has panic buttons for police, fire, and medical for emergency situations.

Door & Window Contacts -   Small wireless sensors which can be placed on windows and doors in your home to alert you when they are opened, they will chime when the alarm is not active and they will sound the alarm siren and notify the monitoring station when they are opened when the alarm is active.*  

Motion Detector - Small wireless or hardwired device that fits in the corner of a main room or in a hallway, and creates an infrared trap zone in your home.  Picks up any motion within the area and will sound the siren and notify our central command center when the alarm is active.  The Motion Sensor is pet friendly, so small dogs and cats are not a problem.

Siren - Emits a loud panic noise to advise that a breach of the security system has been made by the sensors, motion detectors, etc.

Back-up Battery - Provides continued protection if you temporarily lose power in your home up to 3 days.

Cellular GSM 4G LTE Radio - No phone, No problem.  Provides a signal to the monitoring station without a phone line. It can be used with or without a phone line, and will provide a signal to the monitoring station even if the phone lines are cut. Also used to provide alarm service to homes which choose not to have a home telephone or use some VOIP services. 

Yard Sign & Window Decals - Used to show potential intruders that your home is protected by a monitored security system.  


24 Hour Central Station Monitoring - Your home or business will be monitored 24/7 for burglary, police, medical, and fire emergencies.

Our UL Listed Central Station, CMS,  connects you with highly trained professionals who handle your events promptly in coordination with local law enforcement and first responders.

Geographic redundancy- CMS has 3 US monitoring locations with shared VMware databases to offer triple redundancy and rapid response power redundancy- generators in the event of power loss or catastrophic event.

Multiple telecom redundancy- CMS has multiple carriers offering the latest in communication technology skilled operators-background checked, thoroughly trained and mentored throughout their career.

Home Security & Peace of Mind, We know how important it is for you and your family.  Call us right now at 239-437-3980 for a free estimate possibly over the phone, or by appointment.   We will custom design your system for you at no charge, and provide a complete free analysis.

Additional Equipment that can be added for your security system:

Additional Door/Window contacts - Small sensors which are placed on windows and doors in your home to alert you when they are opened, they will chime when the alarm is not active and they will sound the alarm siren and notify the monitoring station when they are opened when the alarm is active.

Wireless Keychain Remotes - Handy remotes you can place on your keychain, similar to a car alarm remote which you can use to turn your alarm system off or on from outside your home prior to entering.  Also has panic buttons for police and/or ambulance.

Smoke Detectors - Beyond the standard smoke alarm, these units are connected to the monitoring station and will notify the fire department in the event of an alarm going off for immediate response. Normally you get a bigger discount on your insurance if you add this protection.

Glass Break Sensors - This unit is placed on glass windows and when the glass is broken the alarm will sound, used especially for large windows that do not open.

Total Connect Enhanced Services

Control you alarm system from your phone and/or any computer in the world 24/7.  It allows you to check the status of the system while away from home, it also gives you a 30 day event history of when the system was armed/disarmed, by what user, etc., and you can receive emails or texts when the system is armed/disarmed.  Call or contact us below for details, 239-437-3980, Expert Security Services, Inc. in Fort Myers/Naples area.

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